Following ongoing changes to advice we have further reviewed our policies and have updated our statement as follows and again ask for your help in adhering to this. Please read carefully.

1. Anyone with a cough or high temperature (above 37.8) is to stay away from training for a minimum of 14 days.

 2. Please do not bring your child to swimming if you or anyone else in your household have any of the above symptoms.

3. Any swimmer with an underlying health problem, or living with someone with an underlying health problem, must not attend training sessions.

4. Any swimmer or family that is self-isolating due to having symptoms MUST inform the club as soon as possible.

5. Parents are asked to adhere to social distancing at training and wherever possible drop swimmers off and wait outside the building throughout training to minimise social contact.

6. All swimmers must ensure they wash hands for 20 seconds on entering and before leaving the centre and shower before and after leaving the pool.

7. Each swimmer must ONLY drink from their own drinks bottle and not share. Swimmers should also minimise any physical contact during sessions.

8. Coaches must also ensure there is no physical contact with swimmers or colleagues. Also coaches must not share hand held equipment such as stopwatches, clipboards, pens, etc..

9. We will no longer be conducting post pool stretching for the period of these restrictions due to the close proximity of swimmers out of the pool, sharing of mats, etc..  All performance swimmers should know very well the stretches that we do and therefore can ideally perform these at home following each session.

10. It is important that all swimmers leave the pool, shower well and leave the centre as quickly as possible after each session.

11. We remind parents that training at WSC is in no way compulsory and so we completely understand and respect your decision should you wish to keep away at the moment.

As a club while we maintain training we must follow the advice given and do everything we can to minimise the spread of infection. Please pass this on to your swimmer and any changes to the above advice will be sent to you as and when we receive further information.