• To be responsible for the implementation of good practice in all areas of the club including child protection policies


  • To be approachable by all members in the role of understanding what is required of the club by its members
  • To show enthusiasm for the sport of swimming and encourage all members to find a role for themselves within the club
  • To be well organised and have ability to delegate jobs and responsibilities to others for the effective running of the club
  • To take the responsibility of controlling meetings to avoid situations getting out of hand, and be confident in the area of public speaking

 Main Duties

  •  To chair and ensure good order at meeting so the management committee
  • Will endeavour to be involved if needed to co-ordinate the general activities of the club
  • To oversee the work of officers and other club personnel and to be overseer of decisions made by management and sub committees
  • Shall, in conjunction with the secretary, present the annual report and consult with the treasurer on the presentation of the annual accounts
  • Shall consult with the secretary on the content of the agenda and minutes of
  • Shall endeavour to keep up to date with ASA laws, regional rules and the club constitution
  • Ensure statutory documents and other returns are filed on time
  • Shall advise the treasurer on the use and investment of club funds
  • Shall be prepared to report to the officers of the management committee as soon as possible of any instant decisions taken and ensure all policy decisions are ratified by the management committee


  • Dealing with issues as and when they arise plus club requirements i.e. events and club management meetings

 Benefits to Self

  • Contribution to ensuring a safe and well managed club


  • The chairperson should contribute to ensuring the club is a safe and well managed and looking to improve at all levels to provide the base for a forward thinking environment

Further Development/Support 

How to Communicate Effectively

A resource provided by Running Sport, available to download from their website: www.sportengland.org/runningsport

 ‘The role of the Chairperson’

Resources provided by Running Sport, available to download from their website:   www.sportengland.org/runningsport

Further training opportunities are available through the ASA Regional Training Network – ASA website www.britishswimming.org or telephone the ASA on 01509 618700.

For queries regarding volunteering within the sport then contact the local County Volunteer Co-ordinator – ASA website www.britishswimming.org > Volunteers and Officials

ASA Volunteer Contact

Matt Sturgess – ASA National Volunteer Co-ordinator

Tel: 01509 632254    email : volunteering@swimming.org

Useful Websites

ASA                                           www.britishswimming.org

Sport England                         www.sportengland.org.uk

NSPCC                                      www.nspcc.org.uk

Volunteering England           www.volunteering.org.uk

Millennium Volunteers         www.milleniumvolunteers.gov.uk

DO-IT                                        www.do-it.org.uk

CSV                                            www.csv.org.uk

Sport Coach UK                      www.sportscoachuk.org

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Dated 9th May 2008

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