WSC Dry Land Training Sessions  



Dry Land Training sessions aim to achieve an overall fitness in swimmers which compliments and improves the work they do in the pool, and aids their continuing development as top achieving swimmers.

Our sessions are intended to educate swimmers on the importance of technique, both in terms of proper muscular and fitness development specific to the sport, and in terms of safety.  They are designed to be both fun and engaging whilst at the same time safe and effective.

Variety is also key to successful training, and progressively adapting each exercise as the swimmer improves is vital to help progression in their fitness and overall skill base.  Once a swimmer gets good at a particular exercise and finds it easy, the exercise is adjusted to make it more challenging in order to promote development of overall fitness, strength and coordination.

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Typical dry land training sessions consist of the following:

  • Appropriate warm up and cool down.
  • Stretching – both dynamic and static.  Early identification of any tight muscles is important in terms of injury prevention.
  • Plyometric exercises when necessary, as long as they are safe and effective.
  • Strength exercises, with and/or without resistance.
  • Applied strength training for muscular endurance in the water.
  • Body weight exercises.
  • Core exercises, type and intensity depends on ability.
  • Exercises which are relevant to the swimming mechanic, e.g. burpees for push offs and dive starts.

Exercise equipment can be varied, with each designed to achieve specific goals.  Examples are medicine balls, resistance bands, TRX, stability balls, skipping ropes, BOSU balls, exercise machines etc.

Sessions are:

  • Safe, progressive and effective;
  • Engaging, enjoyable, educational and fun;
  • Age appropriate in intensity and complexity.

And can help with the early identification of:

  • Possible problematic physiological issues, e.g. tight muscles;
  • Muscular imbalances in terms of function.

With appropriate steps taken to prevent possible future problems and injuries.



Junior swimmers 12-14yrs

Senior swimmers 15+yrs

Currently sessions are mixed in terms of age groups, with older swimmers encouraging and building confidence in the younger ones.

There are a few differences between training for the younger swimmers compared to the older ones.  However, the exercises are evidence based and safe for the respective age groups and are tailored to achieve swimming specific fitness, strength and coordination aims.  Development in terms of growing and physiological aspects is also taken into consideration.

Maximum group size is 20 swimmers




The sessions take part at;

Fridays: WV Active Central, Bath Avenue, Wolverhampton, WV1 4EG


Friday Evenings, 6:00 – 6:45pm


If you are interested in taking part in these sessions, please approach any member of the coaching team or committee for further information.

Land Training fees are payable in addition to swimming fees, and will be advised on application.