Wolverhampton Swimming Club member Tobias Robinson has offered his support to all WSC swimmers competing at the upcoming Midland Open Water Championships, he sends this message:

Good luck to all Wolverhampton SC swimmers in next weekends Open Water Regional Championships! Open water is a great and exciting sport and I love it!
 My advice would be to keep your leg-kick quite light throughout the race so it doesn’t tire you out (I’ve been working on this a lot recently) and then bring in a huge leg kick with 200m to go. Also, make sure you’re swimming in the right direction! I know it sounds silly but you should look for the buoy every 15 strokes or so, this should keep you in line. Finally, it’s so much easier to swim in someone’s draft, pick a strong swimmer and let them set the pace for you whilst you sit behind them, and then shoot past them at the end!
Best of luck to all Wolverhampton swimmers I hope you all have fun. 
I’ll be keeping an eye out for the results!

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